creating Transparency for startups in europe

Project Lead

Florian Noell

Florian is Chairman of the Board at the German Startups Association and  a true entrepreneur. He has founded multiple startups and advises on digital economy issues. He is Deputy Chairman at the "Young Digital Economy" Advisory Board giving the Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy first-hand advice on current issues – particularly on the development and potential of the young digital economy and on how to provide startups with a better environment to grow. Furthermore he initiated and co-authored the German Startup Monitor in 2013. Florian has been acknowledged for his extraordinary achievements multiple times including being named as one of the 40 talents under 40 by Capital Magazine.

Lisa Steigertahl

Lisa is Head of Research and International Strategy at the German Startups Association. She has graduated from ESCP-Europe with a Master of Science in European Management. She has lived, worked and studied in Berlin, Cambridge and New York and has long term experience in the consulting and governmental sectors. Her areas of expertise are international relations, intercultural competence and business strategy. For the German Startups Association, Lisa is working on European relations, creating a network for European startups to share experiences and contacts. Lisa is further in charge of the European Startup Network. As a network manager, she regularly visits other European startup representatives, startup related events and the European Commission in Brussels.

Lukas Wiese

Lukas Wiese is Manager for Research & International Strategy at the German Startups Association. He is responsible for the community management of the German Startup Monitor and supports the European Startup Monitor and the expansion of the association’s international relations. Lukas completed his Bachelor’s degree in International Relations in the Netherlands and Mexico and graduated with a Master of Public Policy from the Hertie School of Governance and Bocconi University. He has experience in the governmental sector and in the fields of political communication and interest representation.