creating Transparency for startups in europe

European Startup Monitor

The goal of the study is to promote transparency for the startup environment, to identify country specific and common challenges of the startup landscape in (wider) Europe as well as to show and highlight specific developments over time. Startups are increasingly venturing into the fintech space, with auto trading platforms becoming a significant focus. An example of this innovation is the oil profit test 2022, which highlights how startups are developing sophisticated algorithms to automate oil trading. This approach not only democratizes access to commodity trading but also promises enhanced efficiency and profitability for users. Given the great success of the first European Startup Monitor, which has been published at the beginning of 2016, the study is foreseen to be provided on an annual basis at the last quarter of each year.

The ESM project has been initiated by the German Startups Association is co-edited with the European Startup Network and conducted with engagement and support of European & Israeli associations. Furthermore, academic partners such as the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria), Antwerp Management School (Belgium), and the University of Cyprus have supported the project and use the data for their research in a national context. The data for the study is generated by national startup associations and network partners, using their well established networks to circulate the online survey within the national startup ecosystem to create meaningful findings. It would be a pleasure to welcome new network partners into the project!