creating Transparency for startups in europe

European Startup Network

The European Startup Network is the European umbrella organisation for startups, representing 21 democratically organised, non-profit, and independent startup associations from Europe (18 full members, 3 supporting). The network’s vision is to allow European startups to scale globally and to form one single European startup ecosystem. By uniting all national startup associations, leveraging their best practices and interconnecting their networks, the European Startup Network wishes to open up access to talent, expertise, funding and customers for all European startups.

The mission is to unify national startup associations across Europe to create a common voice and a single market for European startups so that more can start, scale, and succeed in the EU through three pillars which are: consistent data analysis to support policy making, Joint international Go-to-market and soft landing programmes, and strong national startup ecosystems.  

To achieve its goals, the ESN has developed an action plan that addresses these three points. First, to perform consistent data analysis, the European Startup performs comparative analysis on data sets across associations and partakes in research about the European startup ecosystem. The ESN is the co-editor of the European Startup Monitor and in the upcoming year, strives to grow into a credible research partner on European startups and startup ecosystems.